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As a first time author, I too was looking for an illustrator who could help guide me through the self publishing process. In addition, since I have a Christmas book I was looking for someone who would be able to have the book completed in a timely manner. It was the end of May that I contacted Richa. She said she could have the book published by August 20th. I hired her for illustration, layout, and publishing on Createspace and through Ingram Sparks. Well, here it is November 27, and publishing has just been done on Createspace which I finished myself but I am still waiting for the ebook and Ingram Sparks.

I received an email saying that these tasks would be completed the net day and it is now three days later and they are still not done.

Reena's Bollywood Dream: A Story About Sexual Abuse by Jewel Kats (English) Pape

I will say that I made a lot of changes but not so many that it cost me three months of additional time. Needless to say, I have lost all my marketing time and cannot even get books in time for signings that I had set up. I was able to get 20 by December 1, and had to pay the priority shipping rate to get them by that date. And how did anyone talk to her on the phone? I never even received a phone number from her and sent her mine several times! Unfortunately, my experience has not been good. I was looking for an illustrator that would capture my vision for my series of books and be patient and understanding throughout the process.

After sending Richa my first story and speaking with her on the phone once, I knew she would be the illustrator to bring my books to life. Thank You Richa for sharing your talent with me and the many readers who will be reading my books.

Reena's Bollywood Dream: A Story About Sexual Abuse by Jewel Kats (English) Pape

And especially thank you for your patience with me. I look forward to working with you on the rest of my books……:. Richa is a wonderful artist. It is amazing how easily she can capture concepts to make the characters identical! I would recommend her as an excellent illustrator. I look forward to working with her again. I had certain images in my mind about what the characters and setting would look like and she captured them wonderfully.

She did an awesome job creating the illustrations. They immediately bring the story to life! Everyone who reads it or owns it, compliments the artwork. I am forever grateful for her work! Richa does amazing work,her illustrastions are the best. Thankyou Always. Richa brought my characters to life. Her pictures are so beautiful. I would not have a book without her. I look forward to many more adventures with Richa as my Illustrator.

I truly believe that Richa has made my characters identical to those brats that live with me. She not only captured their physical appearance but their moral conflicts and emotions. These components draw the reader to the text and real world situations. Richa is a talented artist. I have found how easily she could grasp the essence of the rhymes of my book and capture my thoughts and ideas.

I wonder how beautifully she could bring the rhyming words to life. I would highly recommend her and would love to work with her again. My daughter had a flash of genius, which Richa is helping her business come to fruition with her amazing illustrations. Richa is absolutely wonderful to work with — she sends over a sketch, my daughter approves or provides feedback for her vision, then Richa colors the illustrations and brings the characters to LIFE! We have a tremendous number of characters and every one is a masterpiece! Thank you Thank you Thank you Richa!!!! She knows how to bring words to life.

I have no hesitation in recommending, Richa, in all or any projects. We have used her illustrations in both watercolor and computer-colored drawings. She has a solid knowledge of both art and technology. As an added bonus, we have found her rates to be very competitive. Work is always turned in on time and we make sure pencil sketches are approved before coloring so we have the most flexiiblity. In rare cases, we will ask for a touch-up afterwards in perhaps maybe 1 in 10 drawings. Regards Victor R. I am so thankful that Richa, with all of her accomplishments and extraordinary gifts, responded to my Craigslist ad and is working with me.

From email descriptions, she has captures exactly what my heart sees. I am honored to know such an amazing talent. Richa did a wonderful job with the illustration for my book. She was very caring and she made sure that I am happy with the work.

Reimagining masculinity; my journey as a male sexual assault survivor - Landon Wilcock - TEDxQueensU

I will use her again in a heart beat because of the quality of her work. I was so pleased with the whole process. Richa was a God-send, literally! She responded to an ad I placed on Craigslist. Her work is excellent and she delivers illustrations in a timely fashion. She is very professional and easy to work with. I have recommended her to several authors and would use her again in a heartbeat.

Richa brought my book to life, she is the color to life. Richa was professional,she saw my vision and is the only illustrator I will I use. Richa Kinra has become an unforgettable name. Thankyou Richa. Richa is a very talented artist. I enjoyed working with her.

I would reccomend her as a excellent illustrator. Sincerely, Sharon Newman. Richa is a very kind, talented, highly skilled illustrator, but what recommends her most is her ability to get inside your head and capture your thoughts and ideas on paper, which she does beautifully. Thanks Richa! We developed special software help teach children to read; among other things, this software allows them to easily hear text on web pages, and we frequently use online stories.

We are currently in the process of creating an online story website for kids. I was looking for an illustrator for a story I had written for this website, and initially contacted a different illustrator. As it turned out, this illustrator was taking an extremely long time, and was not creating illustrations that really captured the essence of the story.

Then I found Richa. We communicated by email and Skype, and it was a pleasure getting to know her as well. I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did with the illustrations of my book. You captured my vision for my little baby picture book and created an even better version of what I had envisioned. The children are really responding to your colorful illustrations. Thank you once again for your beautiful work. I can highly recommend her as an illustrator and artist, and will gladly work with her again in the future.

Richa is a truly talented illustrator and her artwork brings alive my words in a unique way. With keen intelligence and intuitive understanding, she attunes sensitively to my thinking and the idea I have in mind. With each successive project, I trust her and rely on her gifts more and more. She is very easy to work with and I am delighted to have discovered her.

Richa is a wonderful illustrator who is a joy to work with. I would definitely work with her again. I researched and interviewed many illustrators for my book project. I am so glad that I chose Richa. Richa strives for perfection and will create a vision that matches words on a page. Richa will revise without complaint and seek the authors input.

I would highly recommend Richa to any author who wants to produce a quality book! You can see that Richa is an incredible artist. Working with Richa was really easy. I told her the story I wanted to tell and she drew perfect pictures! She was very willing to make changes whenever I asked. I highly recommend working with her. It was a delightful experience working with Richa. She captured the scenes and emotions beautifully and brought the characters to life, all at a fair price. Her responses to emails were prompt and she was always willing to make changes to my specifications.

I would highly recommend her and would love to work again with her in the near future. Richa illustrated a yoga book for me called Yoga Adventure of Marleen the Butterfly and Hissy the Snake for which she did an amazing job. I have had the pleasure of working with Richa on my oracle card project. She created 44 illustrations for my cards which are currently being printed. The result of the illustrations was all I could hope for. Because of her, I am now about to complete a big dream. I am more than happy to work with her again.

Thank you! Richa was a pleasure to work with!

Reena’s Bollywood Dream: A Story about Sexual Abuse | Jewel Kats

She is an extremely talented artist and so patient! I would highly recommend her for any detailed illustrated project you might have. Thanks so much Richa for bringing my story to life! I am an author, teacher, and actress. I was so excited to work with Richa. She is talented and very professional. She is a positive person and really works hard to get your project just the way you want it.

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I can hardly wait until we can work on our second book. I think anyone who works with Richa will be lucky and very pleased with the results. Amazing portfolio. The best children book illustrator to work with. An exceptional artist and a great human being. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs visual arts design and development. Richa has demonstrated time and again dedication and consistency and excellance in her work and craft. Furthermore she is a dedicated and personable human being who is not only conscientious but a talented artist with good taste.

My editor in the U. She has captured the story behind my written words through her artwork. I look forward to working with her on other books! Richa has illustrated my web book illustrations and is willing to work on detailed educational projects that require a little research. She will provide professional artwork for any project. Richa is an exceptionally talented artist. As an author, I have greatly enjoyed working with her. Both are better than I had imagined and both represent the company images with perfect professional visuals.

I look forward to having you do more artwork for me in the future. Thanks again, your talent is greatly appreciated. My aunt loves the postcard you did for her, she was too fascinated that somebody who never met her could actually draw her the way you did. Thanks again! It took me over a year to find an illustrator for my book, but when I found Richa, I realized that she was worth the wait. No one could have brought my children story book to life like she did.

She was very sensitive to the story and asked questions to ensure that she delivers the spirit of the story. Knowing that she will be there to do my other books got me excited and busy with writing the sequel of my first book. Did I mention that her prices and terms of payment are also unmatched? Simply incredible. Thanks Richa. Miranda Conyers. The rich colors and appropriate artwork will more than make this book a success for years to come! Richa is absolutely marvelous. Her work is impeccable and she puts a lot of thought and care into her work.

I would without any reservation or hesitation recommend her work. I am very pleased with the logo that she has made for my clothing company. So much so that I have asked her to help with the design of my website and print ad campaign. I greatly appreciate her help and her work. Some industry figures attacked the victim, suggesting she was lying or might have staged the crime for publicity.

In November, the Women in Cinema Collective was officially registered. It aims to advocate for women, but also provide counselling, legal advice and a formal redressal mechanism for when accusations of sexual harassment or assault arise.

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Awareness and reporting of crimes against women has grown across Indian society in the past five years, and the film industry has not been immune. His organisation has received nearly 50 formal complaints of sexual harassment in the past two years, he says, compared with 12 in the three years before. The same whisper networks that trafficked warnings about Weinstein in the US also exist in India.

They are unlikely to be unmasked any time soon, she says. Bollywood and other Indian film industries have no appetite for controversy. She raises the recent furore around Padmavati, a film about a legendary Hindu queen whose release was indefinitely postponed after protests and death threats against the cast. It is a non-confrontational industry. It is not a context that breeds solidarity. Actors who call out their harassers must also contend with a culture that still shames victims, and which eyes female stars with awe and reverence, but suspicion too.

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Friday, July 5, Entertainment Bollywood. Emulating superstars Tens of thousands of young actors arrive in film hubs such as Mumbai each year hoping to emulate superstars such as Deepika Padukone or Aamir Khan.

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This year, a shocking allegation roused the women of one Indian film industry into action. Kerala actor Dileep, who was arrested in connection with the abduction and assault case of a South Indian actress, being produced before the Magistrate court which sent him to 14 days judicial custody, in Kochi.

Image Credit: PTI. View gallery as list. More From BollyWood. Nafisa Ali takes to social media to ask for work. Tamil actor Napoleon goes to Hollywood. Dino Morea and DJ Aqeel summoned in bank fraud case. Latest In.