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The price of betraying the Masquerade is death but VV demands that Hatter not be touched, but that his vampire accomplice be killed as justice.

Why Masquerade and not Requiem? :: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 General Discussions

If the player has visited the location before Hatter will have mentioned his screenplay and the player can then ask more about it. The player will have the option to ask for the screenplay using Persuasion or Seduction, saying they can deliver it to a studio. Hatter will accept and then, with prompting using Persuasion, be urged to reveal the name of his accomplice.

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Travel to the Santa Monica Pier where Julius is alone on the beach and confront him. Julius will explain that he did not know what he had revealed was secret, as he does not even know what he is. He will beg for the player's mercy.

The player has two options:. Whichever method is chosen, return to VV. She will then ask the player to destroy the screenplay, unable to do so herself as she cares for Hatter and it is his greatest work of art. Regarding Julius the player will simply tell her it has "been taken care of," which she accepts, and thus there is no penalty for sparing his life. As part of our mission to eliminate cancer, MD Anderson researchers conduct hundreds of clinical trials to test new treatments for both common and rare cancers.

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Return Visit: 2 times initial interview and verification interview. These interviews will be conducted when the patients and caregivers are at MDACC for another appointment. My Chart. It was my understanding that White Wolf, now Onyx Publishing, ended the old World of Darkness some time ago with some end of the world story lines and have since put considerable time, effort, and money into completely rebooting the World of Darkness, now Chronicles of Darkness, with brand new versions of each of the old venues, and even some new venues that weren't in the oWoD.

I'm just curious as to why, after putting so much time and effort into developing, selling, and promoting the new venues that these guys would choose to put out a video game based on their old, arguably dead, intellectual property rather than making a new Vampire game based on the new IP that they've put so much effort into? For that matter, why another Vampire game, and not one of the other splats such as Changeling: the Lost or Promethean: the Created?

I won't question the lack of a Mage game, because anyone who has played either version of Mage knows that neither Sphere nor Arcana magic can translate to a video game.

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You're talking about a set of powers that let you do literally anything you can imagine with the right dots on your character sheet , and you just can't program a game for that. Any of the other venues though Demon, Mummy, Werewolf, etc. Whether in the old World of Darkness or the Chronicles of Darkness, would make excellent computer games.

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So the question I have there is, are any of these other venues being considered for a new game? If not then why? Why only Vampire, and why Masquerade instead of Requiem? Again, I'm not saying that Requiem is better than Masquerade. This is an honest question for which I'd like an honest answer, if there is anyone who can answer it.

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  • Showing 1 - 15 of 89 comments. From what I know of Requiem, I despise it with a passionate, illimitable, ineffable hatred. I don't think Requiem ever properly 'took off' in terms of fan support.

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    I'm not entirely happy with it, but I can see why some number crunchers would think it makes good business sense. I do agree with you that Demon or the other settings would be great. But they're relatively unknown. From a business perspective, it'd make a lot more sense to put all of your eggs in the Vampire basket again are there really many If it sells well this time around, maybe look into Demon and Mummy I thought Werewolf had something in the works already? If people don't go nuts for a hopefully good vampire RPG, I don't really expect the lesser-known offshoots from the same WoD setting would fare better.

    It certainly doesn't qualify as a 'good RPG. Last edited by Jock McSteed ; 10 Apr am.